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 •  Perfect fit bleaching trays

 •  Top and bottom jaw trays

 •  Safe teeth whitening

 •  Professionally made

 •  Affordable teeth whitening option

 •  Natural whitening look

Our professionally made bleaching trays hold a bleaching solution and fit over your teeth so that they can be whitened safely and swiftly. If you want whiter teeth then get in contact with us today.

Expertly made bleaching trays for teeth whitening:

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01438 489 101

Professionally made

Bleaching trays for you

We provide our bleaching trays and other dental equipment, including dentures and bite raising appliances, to our customers in Knebworth and the Hertfordshire area. We serve both NHS and private patients. So, if you want whiter teeth or any other service then call us today.

Expert dental treatments for Knebworth

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