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Have your dentures broken? Do you need them fixed as soon as possible? Then get in contact with Crown Dental Studio in Knebworth, Hertfordshire today. We provide denture repair to Knebworth and the surrounding area. We’re specialists in all kinds of denture repair and maintenance and can have your dentures fixed as soon as possible.

  • Same day repair service

  • Soft and hard re-lines

  • Cracked and fractured dentures

  • Chrome Cobalt dentures

  • Natural looking result

  • Copy dentures

If your dentures have broken then don't panic, we aim to provide a same day service. There is never a good time for a denture problem, but with our service there is always help on hand.

Same day emergency denture repair for Knebworth:

07971 241 798

01438 489 101

Our dental services

Emergency denture repair

We're conveniently located on London Road and provide our expert denture repair service to Knebworth and surrounding villages as well as the Hertfordshire area. We will provide an excellent service from our GDC registered dental technicians as all of our staff are trained dental technicians who will ensure a high standard of work to be carried out.

Expert denture repair for Knebworth

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