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Here at Crown Dental Studio we take on all kinds of dental repairs and use a variety of the latest denture items, including flexible clear clasps. These clasps are comfortable and, as they are clear, have a natural look. This means that your dentures will look real and will be fitted expertly. If you're in Knebworth, call us today to find out more.

 •  Natural look

 •  Flexible and comfortable clasps

 •  Circumferential clasps

 •  Combination clasps

 •  Continual clasps

 •  Clasp repair and replacement

We have a variety of different types of flexible denture clasps including circumferential, combination and continual clasps. This variety allows you to find the best one that suits your teeth and dentures.

Flexible denture clasps will keep your teeth comfortable:

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Comfortable clasps

Flexible denture clasps

Our flexible clear clasps are just a small part of the expert denture repair services we offer to you. We take on all kinds of denture work and provide you with useful equipment, including bleaching trays and implant stents. Call us today to learn more about our NHS and private services.

Specialists in denture repair

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